Julie Kress.

Drawing. Animation. &
Speculative Architecture.

Framed Familiarity

Masters Thesis - RISD 2020 - Super Jury Award
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Act 4 - Jump Cuts through the Library

Act 4 considers the spatial, temporal displacements and coherences made possible by jump-cutting and dolly shots.

On Jump Cutting.
In Walter Murch’s book, “in the blink of an eye”, he discusses the art of film editing and what the implications are of human beings being confronted by a new format of linked images. He poses a question, “why do cuts work?” Why are we able to be displaced between fields of vision, and sometimes even jump across time as well as space? Such a visual displacement does not seem like something that we have a familiar experience of in our everyday life. However, the fact that it does work means that films are not bound to time and space. Also, its exceedingly difficult to produce a continuous long shot without people making mistakes. I’m left wondering, have our brains been wired for film cuts because of its ubiquity in filmic technique?

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