Julie Kress.

Drawing. Animation. &
Speculative Architecture.


Independent Study on Digital Foam

All. Chunkscape. Residual Paths. Foam in Flux.

RISD. Winter 2019  
Independent Study w/ Carl Lostritto

The process of faking cuts and imperfections provoked a need to re-imagine how material properties can be incorporated into the digital modeling work flow rather than be applied to surfaces as an afterthought. The vocabulary of foam became a metaphorical device that triggered ways of modeling beyond drawing a line and extruding an infinitely smooth surface. Thinking materially, allowed me to do away with expectations, and immerse myself in an exploratory mode of digital drawing.

Video 1. Chunkscapes

Foam can be carved, compacted, and sanded. It breaks and crumbles, and collects dust.

This is not a “realistic” simulation, but I acknowledge materiality when working digitally. Craft is something we embody and hone. It is knowledge that can still provoke a virtual creative process.

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