Julie Kress.

Drawing. Animation. &
Speculative Architecture.

Gridded Everything

A Domestic Interior - RISD - Fall 2019
All. Intro. Gridded Ooze. Drawings.Animations. Behind the Scenes.

RISD. Fall 2019  
Advisor. Carl Lostritto  
Context. Ladd Observatory,Providence RI
Project Type. Domestic Space

3d Objects, Elements, and Figures, come together in the imaging of a domestic space to pressurize common workflows for 3d modeling, rendering, animation, and simulation.

First...Some Fluid Simulations!

This work prioritizes processes of drawing, rendering, and animation over a typical proposal for a new architecure.


Whether this is "Architecture" may be up for debate, but I find that digital systems can allow me to reevaluate my perception of real-world materials in novel and unexpected ways.

Drawings &
Python Coded Pen Plots.


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