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Professional Experience

Featuring Work in Exhibition Design, Virtual Reality, & Architecture.
All. Women Take the Floor.  Boston MFA

The Polaroid Project. MIT Museum

Women Take the Floor  

Employer. IKD 
Context. Boston MFA
About the exhibit

Prepared construction documents, design visualizations, and coordinated with the Museums in-house carpentry team.

In Women Take the Floor, a reframing of the artists gaze is playfully integrated in everything from architectural detailing, layout strategies, and even graphic elements. IKD’s commitment to strong visual concepts taught me how even a bold idea in a conservative setting can be tastefully threaded throughout the design.

As visitors progress through the exhibit, they encounter a series of frames.

A wall filled with quotes framing women’s voices. An architectural frame where the existing thresholds are rearticulated in red. The central gallery features both open frames and solid frames that re-frame the viewer, the paintings, and sometimes a speaker. (see sample frame detail below). At the end, an interactive wall frames visitors voice.

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